Our SMS service allows customers to communicate with terminal users and perform online identity authentication, customer service and security alarm services.
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Competitive Features
Safe and Reliable
Directly connects to China Unicom's mainland SMS channel, ensuring excellent performance and reliability through more direct operator connections
High Concurrence and Capacity
Supports multi-channel concurrent processing, flexible priority setting, multi-angle guarantees, and real-time information and batch information efficiency without mutual influence
Easy to Use and Integrate
Facilitates integration into existing systems without client installation through tripartite protocols and interface interconnectivity
Superior Readability
Creates and encodes messages of up to 500 characters in any language format, ensuring that the text will render perfectly on any device
Application Scenarios
Personal Messaging Applications
A2P provides customers who conduct business online with SMS sending services for more than 200 countries and regions, allowing them to send verification codes, service notifications and marketing advertisements through short messages.
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