Our Anti-DDoS defense solutions provide professional security services for Internet private lines and IDCs, including attack monitoring, attack defense (traffic cleaning and blocking), attack source tracing, and customized defense schemes.
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Competitive Features
Attack Monitoring
Monitors, analyzes and locates attack traffic from a whole-network perspective across a total of 32 cleaning nodes, easily dealing with large-scale, Tbps-level attacks
Proximal Protection
Deploys protection centers in 31 provincial administrative regions to handle malicious Internet traffic from attack sources
Easy Operation & Maintenance
Supports API interface development, making operation and maintenance easier
Application Scenarios
Effectively Prevents DDoS Attacks
When customers need to defend against DDoS attacks from different regions by means of the network layer, China Unicom provides a defense against proximal attacks launched from within China, effectively intercepting attack requests and cleaning traffic in the area where they were launched
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