Elastic Compute Service (ECS)

Elastic Compute Service (ECS) is a stable, reliable and high-performance elastic computing service provided by Unicom Cloud. Users can create and use ECS instances according to their business needs. Compared to IT hardware, it saves a significant amount of time and costs while simplifying tasks such as IT procurement, deployment, implementation and maintenance. This saves users from the tedious traditional IT construction and focus more on business development.

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Recommend Products
Suitable for various enterprises with demands for high cost-effectiveness and reliable cloud services
Cloud region:Hong Kong
Basic config:2 cores, 8GB memory
System disk:50GB
Memory-Optimized 2-Core
Provides larger memory and high-performance networking, ideal for handling large datasets and high-network scenarios.
Cloud region:Hong Kong
Basic config:2 cores, 16GB memory
System disk:50GB
General-Purpose 8-Core
Equipped with Intel® Xeon® processors, paired with high-performance networking.
Cloud region:Hong Kong
Basic config:8 cores, 16GB memory
System disk:50GB
Competitive Features
Users can adjust the number of cloud servers within minutes to meet their rapid business demands, which ensures that the ECS can be scaled up seamlessly during peak demand periods.
Offers a range of specifications for cloud servers, and users can upgrade the CPU, memory, internet bandwidth, and other configurations of cloud servers at any time.
Ensures cloud security through multiple layers, from Internet interface security and security between cloud platform and network to overall cloud platform security. Provides free services such as DDoS protection and Trojan detection and removal.
Supports cloud disk backup, provides 24/7 professional services by a skilled operation team, operates in a five-star IDC environment, and achieves high availability of up to 99.95%.
Offers cloud monitoring services that provide users with real-time insights into the operational status of resources.
Offers users a range of specifications for cost-effective cloud servers.
Application Scenario

Applicable Scenario:

Corporate official website, website development testing environment, small-scale database applications

Scenario Features:

No specific requirements for CPU, memory, or disk space; price-sensitive, high demands on security and reliability, moderate requirements for network bandwidth

Recommended Solution:

It is recommended to use general-purpose cloud servers that provide balanced computing, memory, and network resources. This is appropriate for moderate business workload and fits the needs of businesses or individuals looking to migrate their routine business operations to the cloud.
Case Study
Cloud migration project at the group level
Banking CS system cloud migration project

Client Background:

The client is an integrated road, aviation, tourism, and finance state-owned single proprietorship investment enterprise. With the development of business, the level of enterprise informatization and digital construction faces the pressure of upgrade and iteration. To rationalize the investment in enterprise informatization construction, cloud computing services must be purchased to provide underlying support for various systems.

Customer Requirements:

Elastic expansion, on-demand use, security and reliability, and continuous iteration of the cloud computing platform.

1.Security and Reliability: The IDC where the cloud resources are located is standard and reliable, scientific and robust cloud platform structure, and the leased products such as cloud computing, cloud storage, cloud network are safe and stable.

2.Remote Disaster Recovery: Remote disaster recovery solutions with abundant cloud pool resources globally.

3.Business Migration: Migrate existing systems to the Unicom Cloud platform smoothly.

4.Operational Assurance: Professional after-sales and trouble shooting services.


Unicom Cloud Capabilities: Standardized cloud products based on Unicom backbone cloud pool resourse.

Computing Resources: 900 vCPUs, 2896GB RAM

Storage Resources: 55TB; Network Resources:

Elastic IP, VPC, Shared Bandwidth

Backup: Remote disaster recovery

Migration Services and Solutions: Providing customized plan and testing for migrating the customer's legacy resource pools to the China Unicom‘s pool.

Disaster Recovery :Data backup and recovery, business system reconstruction, backup data archiving, and other capabilities to ensure operation resilience .

Client Background:

A bank needs to migrate the business system of its call center to the cloud. Unicom Cloud, considering the financial attributes of the customer, along with the benefits of the Unicom Cloud's major customer-dedicated DS site, creates a dedicated resource pool with related cloud services for the customer. The bank is offered a safe, reliable and personalized cloud migration solution due to the physical separation between its exclusive resource pool and the Unicom Cloud’s public resource pool.

Customer Requirements:

1.For the platform: The call center operation platform requires the private deployment based on a scale of 3000 agents. Overall IaaS resource storage requirements: 524 vCPUs, 1600GB memory for computing resources, and 20TB storage resources.

2.For the network: Support both Internet and dedicated line access, all software and hardware mentioned above exclusive to the customer and network virus protection for security.


Unicom Cloud, in accordance with the customer's customized service demand and the principle of flexible and exclusive customization, adopts the building mode of the Major Customer Specific Zone, providing the customer with secure, stable, and efficient cloud service

1.Distributed Capability: Based on the dual-engine base capacity of Unicom Cloud, the bank's intelligent customer service, call center and other services are implemented by means of Unicom Cloud's distributed exclusive site DS.

2.Exclusive Services: Provide exclusive computing, storage, network, and PaaS capabilities and exclusive resource services while maintaining security and compliance, which significantly reduces the cost of one-time investment and operation workload; provide unified 24/7 services for cloud, network and security at the operator level by Unicom Cloud.