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Provide secure, stable, low latency network, IDC resource and operation service to ensure customer’s data and network security.

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Industry Needs
Business loss due to network unstable and latency
Lack of dedicated network
System integration and maintenance
Professional IT service
Stable and low-latency network
Build stable and low-latency network from private line, low-latency premium network, A2P etc.
Data and network security guarantee
Provide data and network security service like anti-DDoS, penetration test service
System integration and maintenance
Provide local certified engineer in major cities globally
Professional IT service
Provide professional technical support
Case Study


A major commercial banking of Hong Kong, Macau and SEA require an automated SMS service for its personal finance business.
The SMS service need to fulfill transaction regulation of HKMA and seamless pickup service from previous supplier.


We provided customized A2P solution for the customer with following major features:

-Cover 20+ countries/regions including Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand etc.
Provide backup plan and disaster recovery data center
SMS promotional service available
7X24 technical and hotline support
Dual direction SMS service in Hong Kong and Macau
Minimum 50 SMS/sec blasting guarantee
Customer system integration service
Reporting service available
Support SMPP port
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