Government & Media

Through collaborations with diversified overseas international business partners and the innovative application of our own resources, China Unicom Global provides local governments and enterprises in the media industry with global networking, communications and computing resources and services that fully meet their needs for communication quality, video and content transmission, and information security.

Industry Needs
High-quality Transmission
Government departments need exclusive networks that provide secure, encrypted and high-quality transmission services that can be deployed in their overseas branches.
Unobstructed Live Broadcasts
The government and the media industry both need high-quality communication lines for media live broadcasting, to ensure that video content, conferencing and other information are not affected by the network environment during broadcasts.
Case Study


This project's specifications included a short delivery cycle, a large production quota of bracelets, and a complicated public distribution schedule through designated channels. China Unicom met the timeline's relevant requirements to promote the project, providing reasonable suggestions and solutions in a time of crisis.

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International Ethernet Private Lines (IEPL)/International Private Leased Circuits (IPLC) provides cross-border or cross-regional customers with real-time bandwidth transmission applications with global coverage. It features a strict bandwidth guarantee, exclusive bandwidth, and fully transparent, end-to-end private line service.

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Our Anti-DDoS defense solutions provide professional security services for Internet private lines and IDCs, including attack monitoring, attack defense (traffic cleaning and blocking), attack source tracing, and customized defense schemes.

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