We provide tailor-made Internet, private line, cloud, IDC and other infrastructure services to meet your business deployment needs on a global scale through our abundant self-owned and cooperative overseas resources.
Industry Needs
Data Communications
In the Internet industry, the ability to communicate core data safely and smoothly is vital.
Asset-light Strategies
Resource nodes for the Internet industry require a larger scope of coverage, which in turn requires asset-light investment.
Access Speed Solutions
Because business websites and networks can be reached by users around the world, access speed solutions are needed to counter restrictions due to network environment and physical distance.
Case Study
Solution: In 2017, Vipshop underwent large-scale expansion, building intelligent warehouses in 9 countries and regions, including the United States, Australia, Japan and South Korea. Because this construction involved multiple businesses and industries, such as strong and weak electric voltage, network equipment, MDC and Internet access, Vipshop headquarters led the unified procurement process. China Unicom was selected to deploy and deliver communication solutions that would meet their business needs at home and abroad.
Related Products


Through China DIA and Global DIA, we provide exclusive IP addresses on network platforms inside and outside China, with exclusive access to global Internet content. In addition, we offer services such as end-to-end data lines, network planning and design, connection engineering implementation, and after-sales support.

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IP Transit

Our IP Transit service provides customers with global Internet penetration for IP address segmentation via an AS4837/AS10099 network platform and BGP connection, as well as access to quality global Internet content with exclusive bandwidth outside China.

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International Ethernet Private Lines (IEPL)/International Private Leased Circuits (IPLC) provides cross-border or cross-regional customers with real-time bandwidth transmission applications with global coverage. It features a strict bandwidth guarantee, exclusive bandwidth, and fully transparent, end-to-end private line service.

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Green & Low Carbon Development of Communication Facilities
Green and low-carbon policy development sets the course for China's next 40 years. It is theme of global cooperation.
Industry Application of "5G+Industrial Internet"
Focus on "5G+Industrial Internet", analyzes its importance in the digital economy and probes its development in China.
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