By continuously expanding our global resources while flexibly using advanced mobile networks and SDN network technology, China Unicom Global provides effective and efficient networking and communication solutions for retail store branches around the world.

Industry Needs
Lower Costs
Overseas retail stores need to send transaction data back to companies in China and other regions. In general, they do not require private lines for real-time data transmission; instead, they need solutions that are efficient, cost-effective and affordable.
Mobile Payment Capabilities
In order to accept mobile payments via mobile POS machines, outdoor vending machines, and so on, the retail industry requires communication capabilities over 4G/5G wireless networks.
Case Study


To meet the Group's communication needs for international, real-time video calls and office work, China Unicom Global provided international private line connections with high reliability and low network latency. The project's simple equipment maintenance and flexible bandwidth selection allows the Group the freedom to make the best decision at any time according to their current needs so that they can maximize their profits.

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