Artificial Intelligence Service
Intelligent computing cluster is a comprehensive computing and network ecosystem that integrates computing power, service providers, algorithms, data and applications. It can provide computing power services to a wide range of industries.
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Competitive Features
Clustering Capabilities
Provide robust computing power based on the high performance computing resource pool built by China Unicom.
Computing & Network Convergence
Integrate various network and computing power resources to build an ecosystem of computing and network convergence to provide intelligent computing services
Out-of-the-box Feature
With the out-of-the-box feature, it enables rapid application deployment and provides faster intelligent computing services.
Diverse & Convenient
Offer many kinds of intelligent computing solutions for different requirement scenarios. Customer can enjoy timely supporting service provided by dedicated team.
Basic Package
(IaaS universality)
Under the cloud server mode, basic package offers monthly basis service (with GPU*1) to satisfy requirements of common AI computing scenarios.
Intel Xeon Gold 6348 16 cores (2.6Ghz)
128GB memory
Free 1TB high-speed storage (overlimit amount HKD920/TB/month)
US$1,359 /Month
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Exclusive Package
Under the bare metal mode, exclusive package offers server exclusive (with 8 GPUs) monthly service. This mode is suitable for complex computing scenarios which require high density computing and strict data asset security.
Intel Xeon Gold 6348 (28c 2.6GHz)*2
1024GB memory
Free 1TB high-speed storage (overlimit amount HKD920/TB/month)
US$13,859 /Month
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Premium Package
(SaaS application package)
Premium package offers software + intelligent computing NSSZ mode. It provides more than 100 supercomputing applications with out-of-the-box feature, which allows users to deploy various AI applications flexibly and easily.
Intel Xeon Gold 6348 16 cores (2.6Ghz)
128GB memory
Free 1TB high-speed storage (overlimit amount HKD920/TB/month)
US$1,599 /Month
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Application Scenarios
Provide strong computing power and strict data asset security protection for government service, based on supercomputing ability and cloud-network convergence service.
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