Private Cloud
In addition to data center services, we provide full-process closed-loop private cloud solutions, including functions such as elastic computing, cloud storage, SDN/NFV network, cloud databases, big data and security services, for more convenient and stable IT system environments.
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Competitive Features
Cluster Resources
Ensures up to 99.99% availability through server cluster, storage array and network device cluster redundancy
Data Security
Periodically backs up data through cloud computing multi-node automatic redundancy technology
Elastic Scaling
Allows adjustments to CPU, memory, disk, and bandwidth configurations based on service requirements
Image Backups
Restores data with one click in the event of a failure, using snapshot backups by virtual servers
Application Scenarios
User-specific Cloud Services
China Unicom provides users with customer-specific cloud computing services in scenarios where they cannot use public cloud solutions due to factors such as policies, regulations, and data confidentiality.
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