Industry Cloud

Edge Cloud Service


Industry Cloud success deployed one-location, two-center cloud node in Hong Kong. Its virtualization and cloud-generated dual-engine technology architecture can provide ECS, ECI, GPU, bare metal, and other services.

Industry Cloud

Industry Cloud is a self-researched cloud product of China Unicom. It is based on the virtualization and cloud-native twin engine base. Its fundamentals lie in the cloud and fulfil the efficient aggregation and intensive operation of PaaS layer capabilities, such as asset, cloud, calculus, intelligence, chain, security, etc, and leveraging the advantages of the operator's integrated cloud network.

Customize cloud solutions to help enterprises digitize

Diversified and inclusive ecological structure

Security protection is guaranteed

Energy saving with environmental protection


Data Storage

Hot & cold data stratification service, proximal access. All-in-one data storage cloud solution.

·Government - Disaster recovery cloud center

·Medical Industry - PACS Image Storage

·Security Supervision - New Video Surveillance

Smart Video

A video solution that integrates Unicom Cloud IaaS, live broadcast, on-demand, real-time audio and video, player, and visual intelligence.

Innovative Cloud

Adapt to mainstream local software, hardware, and applications, it offers integrated supervision and project management services and provides comprehensive, independent, and controllable cloud solutions.

Hybrid Cloud

A unified multi-cloud management platform with access to cloud networking to complete inter-cloud interconnection. Enable resource provisioning, continuous integration, and delivery in one hybrid cloud solutions.

Edge Cloud Service

Based on the operator's Edge Cloud and network, providing distributed coverage of offshore nodes, resilient computing power, and quality network computing resource services. You can choose to sink your services to the carrier-side network edge, effectively reducing calculate latency and cost savings.

Proximity access to reduce latency

Cross-regional and cross-operator Edge Cloud

Charged based on demand, no upfront costs


Online Education

Provides the nearest access to CDN Edge Cloud and interconnection between nodes, allowing for low-latency and highly stable interactive communication connections.

Interactive Streaming

Adopt transcoding technologies to improve the transport network performance and reduce overhead of the core and backbone networks which keep transcoding services run stably.

Artificial Intelligence

Deploy distributed computing at Edge Cloud, proximity handle AI’s computing needs to reduce data center computing power, processing latency and bandwidth consumption.

SDN Vendor

SDN network frameworks built from Edge Cloud can provide high-quality, stable and cost-effective Internet content transfer services.

Video Surveillance

Edge Cloud service can handle local data collection, processing and storage which return necessary data only to reduce network consumption.


Multi-cloud offers cloud stations from our core partners, including Alibaba Cloud International Station, Huawei Cloud International Station, and AWS Cloud International Station's IaaS and PaaS Standard Public Cloud Services.

Includes core partners’ IaaS and PaaS cloud services

One-stop ordering, reduce delivery time

Multi-cloud, multi-stack, unified management platform

Global coverage with wide range of variety


Unicom Cloud A
(Alibaba Cloud International Station)

Visit Alibaba Cloud

28 countries/ regions
86 available areas
200 + products & services
Unicom Cloud H
(Huawei Cloud International Station)
27 countries/ regions
65 available areas
220 + products & services
Unicom Cloud AWS
(AWS Cloud International Station)
30 countries/ regions
96 available areas
200 + products & services
popular cities in Chinese Mainland coverage
popular citiese from overseas coverag
Edge Cloud Service
Industry Cloud
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